Experience the most romantic places in Europe

Your article Becky Dao, close readers of Travelpx ^ – ^. Last wave, you had a memorable trip to the most romantic spots in Europe, from Santa Mike Funny Michael Scott Ugly Christmas Hoodie – The Office Sweatshirt – Long Sleeve Shirt  Lavender fields in southern France, to the top of Jungfrau which is considered the roof of Europe, the next village. Hallstatt’s most beautiful lake unicorn gay shirt  in the world and also colorful coastal houses in Cinque Terre. Let’s feel and learn about the experiences through this trip.

Provence, France – Lavender Paradise
Provence is a peaceful, poetic land located in the south of France with fields Vintage school is important but team roping is importanter shirt of Lavender flowers – immense purple lavender. This place is considered the capital of lavender – a symbol of what is the quintessence, natural and freshest of France. I don’t know if it’s because I am a romantic person or shouldn’t likeWe’ll all be home for christmas shirt  this flower crazy, but if so, there must be many (romantic) people like me.

When to go to Provence

The best time to come here is from late June to mid-July when the lavender blooms.

How to go to Provence, you should buy a tour or go yourself

From Paris, I took a I Enjoy Romantic Walks Throught The Makeup Store hot Shirt train (lying) night to Marseille for 58 Euros to buy online on www.voyages-sncf.com. Buy as soon as possible, if the purchase is close to the day, the price can be over 100 Euro. You can also choose to save more by taking the night bus – if you buy it 1 month in advance the price can be very cheap for only about 10 Euro (my friend bought 10.45 E from Megabus). I took the train at 9:22 am (arriving Marseille at 5.58 am), I have a bloody experience that you should find out the location of the train station and calculate the time from where you are to in time to start and remember the high hour the departure point took longer – ask locals how long it took from where you got there in advance don’t imagine like me (depend on the subway and look on the map I see the station is very close where I live) because I was almost late for the train even though it was 1 hour from where I was staying,

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I was at the home of a Vietnamese family living in Paris, and the host told the driver in French that I was going to be late for the train. The driver has a I Don’t Need Therapy I Just Need To Go To Norway Norwegian Flag limited Shirt professional manner, nods in understanding and gives a kind smile to reassure customers. I sat in a clean, cool car and didn’t say anything even though I was worried and knew I might be late for the train.

The car flew at a Formula One speed, I passed countless red lights on a summer evening of bright yellow sunlight through a green crevice in Paris. I finally got to see the train station 6 minutes before the train. The driver looked like a Japanese, spoke French to the host and told me, “Goodbye, good luck” when I got off the car.

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My train was Inter City, clean and quiet, this was the first time I took a train in Europe so I did not know Marseille, so how do I know if I got off, so I asked some Western roommates. They told me not to worry, there will be speaker announcements. Then early in the morning I How Biden Stole The Election Ugly Christmas 2020 Shirt  went to Marseille, though I set an alarm, but perhaps the painkiller containing sleeping pills made me sound asleep and could not hear the announcement, two western roommates called me up and told me to hurry. otherwise the train will continue. They were very kind, brought suitcases to help me to the door so I ran down and then goodbye, smile and wish me a good trip. I started to have feelings for the friendliness of the Europeans from here (and many interesting stories where I received help fro

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m them on this journey).

I choose Marseille as the stop after Paris. From Marseille, I bought your tour Nhung – Vietnamese student in France for 50 Euro (4 seater car costs 200E, up to now (2017) the price is 300E / 4 seater car) to go to the lavender field. from Marseille (Marseille is about 100km from Valensole, Provence, and nearly 60 minutes drive). Tour ESPN Sports Center Red & White Circle Logo limited Shirt goes from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm or from 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm (summer in Paris usually sets at 9:00 pm). I have consulted various types of tours, and found this to be a reasonably priced tour compared to my aim of viewing lavender. This tour goes on lavender fields, sunflowers, wheat fields, visit the perfumery factory of the famous Occitane en provence – one of the symbols and pride of Provence, visit the village of Valensole .

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I choose to go on tour because Valensole, Provence in particular or the south of France in general is a vast area, and this is the first time I go to Europe again, if I go by bus, then rent a bicycle. electric cycling to see lavender will be tiring (I need to stay healthy all the way ahead) and the price won’t differ much. In addition to this tour, the advantage is that you will be led to the most beautiful fields without having to groping in the middle of a vast area. The driver is a Vietnamese, intellectual people have lived in France for about ten years, so he is knowledgeable and will give you interesting advice or information about the destination. Fish