Do dinosaurs have a chance to survive to this day?

It was an apocalypse that is Kamala 2028 Presidential Elections Vintage hard to imagine. An asteroid with a diameter of 15km crashed into Earth 66 million years ago with the force equivalent to about 10 billion Hiroshima bombs.

A radioactive fireball burned Merry Christmas Santa Trump Claus Make Christmas Great Again Hoodie everything within hundreds of miles and created tsunamis that covered half of the Earth’s circle.

The atmosphere at that time Mountaineering Because Punching People Is Frowned Upon Bear Vintage probably burned and no animals weighing more than 25kg survived; in fact about 75% of all species have become extinct.

The wingless dinosaurs My dog thinks I’m perfect who cares what anyone else thinks Chihuahua had no hope of survival, only the small, flying, and feathered dinosaurs that today evolved into birds.

But what if history went the other way? What if the asteroid misses its target or arrives a few minutes earlier?

That is the scenario raised byVelocireader Funny Reading Velociraptor Dinosaur Book Reader Shirt researchers named in a recent BBC document “The Day of Dinosaurs”.

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These scientists, including geologist Sean Gulick of the University of Texas, said that if the asteroid was only a few moments earlier or later, instead of hitting the shallow waters of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. , it will probably plunge deep into the Pacific or Atlantic waters, reducing the impact force and limiting the release of sulfur that clog the atmosphere for months or years to come.

If that happened, catastrophe would have happened and many types would go extinct, but some of the larger dinosaurs were able to survive.

This is a topic that has always had great appeal to dinosaur scientists.

Is there any chance that dinosaurs Uss Morton Dd-948 Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club New Shirt still exist today? What new species of dinosaurs could have appeared? Will dinosaurs develop the same intelligence as humans? Will mammals become less preeminent species? Will humans find a way to parallel them as portrayed in the 2015 Disney movie – The Kind Dinosaur?

Some researchers believe that even if the asteroid did not hit the Earth, the dino dynasty would come to an end.

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“Dinosaurs will still be extinct because the climate is cold,” said Mike Benton, a paleontologist at the University of Bristol in the UK. They only existed until the end of the Cretaceous, but we also know that mammals were diversifying … [and] dinosaurs were already beginning to disappear within 40 million years. ”

Benton believes that mammals will still replace dinosaurs. He is the author of a 2016 article showing dinosaurs were slower than mammals in replacing extinct species.

Other experts have a very different view.

Predator Tom Holtz of the Ukrainian American Flag Ukraine Usa America Roots Gift Limited Shirt University of Maryland at College Park in the US agrees that many species went extinct 66 million years ago due to eruptions and massive lava flows in the area. Deccan Traps in India.

Image source, Getty Images

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Capturing the image,
the Giant Flying Dinosaur may have once dominated the sky

However, he said: “If nothing happens, the Palaeocene and Eocene will affect the general biological status of the dinosaurs. It will be a world where Cretaceous dinosaurs can still adapt. ”

Stephen Brusatte of the University of Edinburgh adds that dinosaurs have survived well, diversified very well through periods of gas change. after 160 million years.

”Dinosaurs were still very well adapted at the end of the Cretaceous, it was not a sign of a group of creatures dying to extinction and just waiting for an asteroid to arrive. It was a sign of a group of organisms that still had a lot of evolutionary potential. ”

Assuming dinosaurs survived, what factors might have shaped their evolution?

Climate change is probably the first major obstacle.

One event known as the Uke I Am Your Father Ukulele Guitar Funny Father’s Day Gift Shirt Palaeocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum, 55 million years ago, was when the average temperature on Earth was 8 degrees C hotter than today, and the tropical forests. zone spread across the planet.

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In today’s world rich in vegetation, perhaps long-necked lizard-footed dinosaurs were able to grow faster, reproduce at a younger age and have a smaller size; some smaller sauropods (some larger than cows) are believed to have appeared on islands in Europe at the end of the Cretaceous Period. The largest titanosaurs in South America during the Cretaceous period, 40m (131ft) heavier than two jets, have long since disappeared.

Another trend towards the late Cretaceous period was the emergence of flowering plants or angiosperms. During the Jurassic period, most plants were ferns and gymnosperms (including ginkgo, sesame and conifers). They were less nutritious than angiosperms, and the lizard-footed dinosaurs’ enormous size was due to the time it took to process food and the size of the intestines required for efficient digestion.

“If plant evolution