Decoding the creepy mystery after the ‘sleep parade’ phenomenon

In August 2016, a woman said she was attacked by a real Pokemon. Her gruesome hallucinations reveal the mysterious “twilight zone” between sleep and awake – a strange Original Forget The Glass Slippers This Princess Wears Scrubs Nurse Hoodie state of consciousness that can hide a wide variety of phenomena, from the Salem witch trials to aliens kidnapping cases. Psychologist Matthew Tompkins explained more about this phenomenon.

In Moscow (Russia) last summer, a woman dreamed in her sleep after playing Pokemon Go Perfect Black Lives Matter Ally White Hoodie on her phone. That night, she woke up from the pressure of her chest. She opened her eyes and later told her she found herself being attacked by a real-life-sized Pokemon character. Not a Pokemon outfit, but a real Pokemon.

Panicked, but unable to speak, she struggled with the creature while her sleepy boyfriend right next door knew Perfect Love South Carolina State Flag Pajama Elf Merry Christmas Hoodie nothing. She finally recovered, and the Pokemon disappeared. After searching the house for a while, the woman came to report the attack to the police.

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news ‘ News of her police report was immediately, and somewhat humorous, published by many Ghostbusters Slimer Neon Portrait limited Shirt international tabloids. This news quickly spread across the internet and eventually appeared in Twitter content in my account.

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But my first thought, as an experimental psychologist with a primary interest in unusual cognitive experiences, was then, “Oh, this can happen to anyone. ”

While it’s impossible to explicitly explain this lady’s experience, I still feel full confidence that this Pokemon’s Grandpa Ham Radio Operator Hobbyist Receiver limited Shirt night-time attack exactly matches our understanding of sleep.

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In addition, given what we know about this mysterious psychotic phenomenon – and the strange feeling it brings – one may to some extent describe her experience as “normal”. .

The short, paradoxical explanation is that maybe she was awakened and she might be dreaming. Temporarily Guinea Pig new Shirt put aside the Pokemon, we try to consider the content she reported awakened, unable to move, with its weight on.

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The technical phrase for this phenomenon is “paralysis”, a category of sleep disorder (parasomnia). In addition to being unable to move, this period of awakening paralysis is often accompanied by multidimensional hallucinations. As a result, imaginary images in dreams can enter reality once you are awake.

The content of the hallucinogen often has a theme related to the feeling of numbness – reproduced as Gymnastics Retro 70s Vintage Still Rings Giftt hot Shirt an image of the intruder holding it down while sleeping. Impressions of sleep paralysis can be found throughout history and culture with the oldest records dating back to 400 BC.

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Bridget Bishop became the first victim of the Salem Witch Trials. Today, we can guess that her ‘curse’ was really a misunderstood case of sleep paralysis IMAGE
Taking pictures,
Bridget Bishop becomes the first victim of a series of witch trials, Salem Witch Trials , in 17th century America

Sleep paralysis was first mentioned in the Zhou Li / Chun Guan book, a Chinese book on sleep and dreams. The book classifies many different types of dreams, and researchers have identified E-meng (sudden dream) has many properties related to the phenomenon of sleep paralysis. Despite time and cultural settings, images in these nightmares can be translated into different ideas.

Sleep paralysis researchers Brian Sharpless and Karl Dograhmji collected 118 different expressions from around the world describing the experience of being paralyzed: the German has the phrase hexendrücken – crushed by a witch, and the word alpdrücken. , overwhelmed.

Norwegian tales go back to svartalfar – only evil fairies who shoot people with paralyzed arrows before they land on a victim’s chest. The Japanese have the word kanashibari, which means strangely bound by an invisible metal wire. In many parts of Switzerland people talk about tchutch-muton, an evil nightmare fairy often disguised as a black sheep.

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Kurdish man comes from Mottaka, an evil spirit that suffocates people at night. The Iranians have the term bakhtak, which refers to a type of soul [lower-ranking angels in Islam] sitting on the chest of a sleeping person.

Scientists have theorized that sleep paralysis can lead to alien abduction.

So I don’t feel very different when it comes to the Pokemon harassment incident.

Feeling burdened …
For comparison, consider what Jon Loudner mentioned later, who provided “evidence” to the famous Salem Witch Court in 1692.

“…. I went. very strong sleep, and the death of night weighs heavily on my chest