Covid-19 and a painful choice for who lives and who dies

Lack of equipment, beds and staff meant that doctors had to make a terrible decision amid the current Covid-19 pandemic.

There is something strangely quiet about the care of patients with corona virus infection in Lodi, Italy. Even though the medical staff were busy in the hospitalSpoon And Crockpot Club Tomorrows Trophy Today Shirt  hallways, the patients still made little noise, Stefano Di Bartolomeo said. For a doctor with experience working in contradictory situations, this pandemic is unusual.

“Everyone has their own small bag of personal belongings on the floor or on their Someone In Cleveland Loves Me Cleveland Oh Skyline Heart shirt stroller,” said Di Bartolomeo, an anesthetist working at a hospital in Lodi. No one is allowed to receive family members, so telephones are the only line of communication. Many patients, even though they areSomeone In Baltimore Loves Me! Cute Gift Maryland shirt  seriously ill, do not think they are that serious, and some do not even find themselves having difficulty breathing.

Perhaps most unusual is that, although many people request an Skull Welder I Try To Be A Nice Person But Sometimes My Mouth Doesn’t Cooperate T-shirt emergency bed, not all will. When a bed in the emergency room is empty, doctors have to decide which patient to go to.

Di Bartolomeo, who has experience in tropical medicine and epidemiology, began arriving at Lodi Hospital in mid-March as part of the Physician You Can’t Scare Me I Survived 2020 Shirt Without Borders. It was a shock: The cases reached 1,100 on March 13. “This hospital is coping with the situation, but at the same time being completely overwhelmed,” he said.

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Di Bartolomeo is currently working in a non-invasive ventilator ward while waiting for the emergency bed where they can have oral intubation. But not everyone has access to his room. “Some patients, due to being too old Love Teddy Bear For Men, Women & Kids new Shirt or too ill, are only given oxygen,” Di Bartolomeo said. “They are not candidates for other forms of invasive breathing aids such as CPAP (continuous positive tracheal pressure) or non-invasive breathing aids.”

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Since the number of people tested positive for corona virus worldwide exceeded 3 million this week, the virus has pushed medical services to the point of overload. As Love My Hot Vietnamese Girlfriend Valentine’s Day hot Shirt of April 28, more than 212,000 people have died from the virus. In hospitals across 210 countries hit by the pandemic, hospital beds are filled with Covid-19 patients.

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In some cases, vital resources such as ventilators, protective equipment and even medical personnel are becoming scarce. Doctors are forced to choose who should be given priority to care.

But how does someone value one person’s life over the other — let alone those who have sworn to “do nothing to harm anyone”?

Medical groups have tried, even though the instructions they draft – and their rationale – have been strongly criticized.

On March 23, 2020, a group of doctors and scholars from around the world published a set of ethical guidelines in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), outlining how resources are distributed in Covid-19 pandemic. Among the Korean Finger Heart Teen Kpop Shirts Valentine limited Shirt recommendations given by the authors of this article is that at times like these, the conventional stance “first serve, first come first served” should not apply. . Priority is for seriously ill patients who are young and have fewer underlying medical conditions.

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This is like the guidelines for Italian doctors, saying that they should prioritize those who have the best chance of being cured. Published on March 6, 2020, the Italian guidelines compared cases where doctors and nurses are working in the “disaster medicine” and stated that “may be required. setting “sets an age boundary for those receiving emergency treatment.

“The primary consideration is maximizing benefits in terms of lives saved and years saved,” said Ezekiel Emanuel, president of the Department of Health Policy and Medical Ethics at the University of Pennsylvania and is the co-author of the article, says.

The argument is that younger, healthier people have a higher chance of survival, and the number of years that go on. Redirecting the meager medical resources to these people will benefit the largest number of people, which is the theory of the matter.

But even for those who accept that logic, it is not entirely confined: for example, the implication is that a young person and an elderly person receiving mechanical ventilation aid are equally at risk of death. hang up, and the young person with the ventilator removed will not be more likely to survive than the elderly.

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Capturing images,
For some health care workers, the emotional turmoil of a pandemic can have lasting effects.

The aforementioned NEJM magazine also calls for groups of people who are providing the highest value in fighting the pandemic (such as frontline health workers and others controlling this critical infrastructure). Priority is given to the use of medical equipment and treatment because their work requires a lot of training and because they are difficult to replace.