Billionaire Andrew Carnegie: Get rich through self-study

Overcoming difficulties to get rich by self-study, billionaire Andrew Carnegie holds a The Pandemic That Stole Christmas 2020 Ugly Tacky Sweater large fortune but spends most of his earned money on charity.

Overcoming difficulties to become the king of iron and steel of the US
Billionaire Andrew Carnegie was born in 1835, in Dunfermlin, Scotland. Because lThis Is My Christmas Pajama Washington Football Team Hat Santa Claus Shirt  life was quite difficult, in 1845, his family immigrated to America – the promised land of many Europeans at that time to change the destiny.

Unlike many of her peers, Carnegie could not go to school due to her poor family. Instead, he started working quite early. In the process of working, Carnegie soon revealed himself as a studious, intelligent, bright When I Think About You I Touch My Elf Christmas Hoodie person when learning from her predecessors, older people to have more knowledge.

When he was growing up, he worked as a telegraph and railroad worker in Pittsburgh, then up from the Pennsylvania Railway Company. When the American civil war broke out, he was asked to take charge of the government’s railroads and telegraphs. Assigned to take charge of this important work, he worked hard and excellently.

Mr. Carnegie invested in the railway industry and earned a large profit. Following his success, he invested in iron and steel industry before he opened an iron and steel company in 1868. Since its founding, Womens Yes Im A Trump Girl Women For Trump 2020 Pink Andrew Carnegie’s Iron and Steel Company has been increasingly profitable and helped him once. step to become the king of iron and steel of America. A successful career, Mr. Carnegie holds a fortune of money of dollars. He became influential and influential in many different fields.

Formula of success: “Inquisitive + entrepreneurial talent”
Andrew Carnegie
Andrew Carnegie
To become one of the rich and powerful men, Andrew Carnegie is the avid learner. He is an intelligent person, very eager to learn even when not able to go to school. Therefore, much of the knowledge Skull Pittsburgh Steelers For Life Hoodie and knowledge that he gained were taught by himself and read through books by himself. He also learns from older, more knowledgeable people. Through self-study, Andrew Carnegie learned to work as a dual accountant and analyze financial and business situation through accounting numbers.

One of the factors that help billionaire Andrew Carnegie succeed in his career is his entrepreneurial talent. With no $ 600 in hand to buy railway company shares, Carnegie did not hesitate to borrow Slaps my own ass damn girl you thick as hell shirt money to buy them and constantly watched the stock market movements. When stock prices rose, Carnegie sold them back and made tens of thousands of dollars.

Billionaire Carnegie also surprised many people when from the capital of 2 million investedSloth taking a sick day to go camping because I’m sick of you people shirt  in the railway industry. But after just over a year, he earned tens of millions of dollars.

According to billionaire Carnegie, in order to succeed, you must ensure that the products or services you make are the best. With good products, customers are satisfied and employees are happy to Snowman Mask Christmas 2020 Funny Matching Pajama Cute Gift serve more effectively. Mr. Carnegie always strives to create transparency and transparency in the management of all industrial factories.

Caring and treating others well is one of Carnegie’s secrets to success. Recognizing that employees are an important force for the company’s success, he always builds good relationships with his employees and is rewarded for their contributions. Since then, employees continue to contribute and contribute more to the company.

Billionaire Carnegie also shared “10 rules of success” and was introduced to readers by Some people never meet their hero I gave birth to mine epilepsy awareness Hoodie the young journalist Napoleon Hill through the book “Think and grow rich” (Think and grow rich “). Here is a summary of those 10 rules:

Andrew Carnegie

1. Define the purpose

Plan your action and start working towards your goals right away.

2. Create a “team of staff”

Communicate and work with people who ‘have things you don’t have’.

3. Do more

Doing more than you need is the only thing that can help you raise your salary or get a promotion, and make people grateful.

4. Belief

in your purpose and yourself will help you act with confidence.

5. Take personal initiative

Do what you have to do without being told.

6. “Pamper” the imagination

Dare to think beyond what has been done.

7. Enthusiastic

A positive attitude will lead you to success and gain respect from others.

8. Correct

Thinking Correct thinking is the “ability to separate reality from your fantasies and use it appropriately with your concerns or problems”.

9. Focus on your efforts

Don’t get distracted from the most important tasks you are facing.

10. Profit from Failure

Remember that “there is always a benefit to failure”.

Despite holding a huge fortune, billionaire Andrew Carnegie does not choose a lavish, wasteful lifestyle. Instead,

According to estimates,