Biden says Trump’s intention to replace Mrs. Ginsburg is ‘abuse of power’

Donald Trump’s move to replace late Supreme Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg before the presidential election was “abuse of power,” said Democratic rival Joe Biden.

Trump vowed to nominate a woman next week to replace the veteran female judge with the radical trend.

Mr. Biden urged Republican I’m Speaking Kamala Harris Notorious Rbg Ruth Bader Ginsburg Shirt senators to postpone the passing vote.

Ginsburg, the symbol of freedom and theI’m Speaking Kamala Harris Notorious Rbg Ruth Bader Ginsburg Women Long Sleeved

flagship of feminism, died Friday at the age of 87. Democrats fear Republicans will vote for conservatives to continue to win a majority in the highest court. for decades.
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The ideological balance of the nine-member court is of paramount importance to its decisions on the most important issues in US law.

What Biden said about Trump’s decision?
In his speech at the Make christmas Funny great again G.rinch Trump Shirt Constitutional Center in Philadelphia on Sunday, Mr. Biden said that the President “made it clear that this is a matter of power, pure and simple.”Make christmas Funny great again G.rinch Trump Women Long Sleeved

“The US Constitution gives Americans the opportunity to be heard – and their voices need to be heard … they should make it clear, they will not support this abuse of power,” he said.

Joe Biden: “Our country faces a choice – about whether we will return from the brink” IMAGE
Take pictures,
Joe Biden: “Their country we are faced with a choice – whether we will return from the brink ”
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“I urge Senate Republicans – follow your conscience, let your people speak, soften the fire that engulf our country,” he said.

“Don’t vote to confirm whoever is nominated in the situation that President Trump and Senator McConnell have built. Don’t do that.”

Two Republican senators, Lisa Merry Christmas Santa Spain Flag Spanish Ugly Sweater Xmas Shirt Murkowski and Susan Collins, advocated delaying voting until after the November presidential election.
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If two more Republican senators responded, they can prevent or at least delay a confirmation vote, since Republicans have a majority of only six in the Senate.

In the case of a tie vote, the US constitution allows Vice President Mike Pence to vote for the decision.

To avoid that outcome, McConnell is looking to secure the support of Republican senators. He won the support of Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander, who was seen as a reversible ballot.
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On Sunday, Alexander said the US Constitution “gives senators the right” to vote for the candidate to be nominated for the Supreme Court, even during the presidential election year.

Mr. Biden said that if he wins the presidency, Mr Trump’s candidate should be disqualified. He said he would then consult with Merry christmas ugly Shirt senators from both parties before making his choice.
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He added that it would be a mistake to publish the Supreme Court’s list of potential candidates right now, as this could subject some judges to political assault.

But he revealed his first choice for the supreme court to “make history as the court’s first African-American woman”.
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What does Trump say about who will succeed Ginsburg?
Mr Trump has announced that he will nominate a successor to Ginsburg “without delay”.

“I think that person should be a woman because I really like women more than men,” he said at a campaign in Fayetteville, North Merry Christmas you fuzzy little man peach Shirt Carolina, Saturday. President Trump said Ginsburg’s successor would be a “very talented woman, very excellent” IMAGE
President Trump said Ginsburg’s successor would be a “woman very talented, very excellent ”

Trump has previously hailed Pangolin Xmas Tree Gift Santa Hat Pangolin Christmas Shirt two female judges serving in federal appeals courts as potential options. Both judges – Amy Coney Barrett and Barbara Lagoa – are conservatives, who will tilt the Supreme Court balance in favor of Republican.

Democrats strongly opposed any nomination ahead of the November election, citing Senate Republicans having blocked Quarantine Christmas Tree Shirt Family Matching Christmas Shirt Democratic President Barack Obama’s selection for the Supreme France. institute in 2016.

At the time, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell justified the move on the grounds that it was an election year. But on Friday, Sen. McConnell himself said he intends to roll out the process based on whatever nomination Santa Hedgehog Christmas Tree Funny Hedgehog Christmas Light Shirt Mr. Trump makes and will go to Senate voting before election day.

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The appointment of judges in the US is a matter of politics, in which the president is entitled to nominate people. The Senate will then vote to approve – or dismiss – the nomination.

Ginsburg, the second woman in history to ever sit on the Supreme Court, has died of pancreatic cancer.