Biden said ‘time to turn page’ after being confirmed elected

Joe Biden said that “the will won” after his election as president was officially Happiness Is Being A Mom Grandma And Great Grandma Shirt confirmed by the US Electoral College.

In a speech after his claim of victory was confirmed, Mr. Biden said that America’s democracy Happy Treason Day Colonial Peasants Usa 4Th Of July Uk Queen Shirt has been “pinched, challenged and threatened” and “proven to be resilient, true and powerful. “.

This official confirmation is one of the final steps needed for Mr. Biden to take office on January 20.

President Donald Trump is not expected to accept the results.

Under the US system, voters Heart Surgery Recovery Gift For Quadruple Bypass Survivors Shirt actually vote for “electors”, who will formally vote for candidates a few weeks after the election.

Mr. Biden won the November election with 306 electoral college votes compared Hibiscus Flowers Coconut Boobs Aloha Beaches Hawaiian Shirt with 232 votes of President Donald Trump of the Republican party.

President Trump, who showed no sign of accepting the results, did not comment. As soon as the results were confirmed, Trump announced on Twitter the departure of Attorney General Willliam Barr, who claimed that there was no widespread evidence of election fraud, despite the claims. there is no proof of the president.

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Speaking in Delaware,Joe Biden Not My President Anti Joe Biden China Cheerleader Pullover hot Shirt  Mr. Biden mentioned President Trump’s relentless efforts to challenge the results with unfounded fraudulent claims, and praised “ordinary men and women” for not to be pinched.

“The flame of democracy

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Joe Biden Not My President Anti Joe Biden China Cheerleader Pullover Shirt

has been lit in this country for a long time,” he said. And we know that nothing, not even a pandemic or an abuse of power can put out that fire.

Mr. Biden said it was time to “turn the page over as we have done throughout history – unite and heal”.

What happens in the Electoral College?
Usually, electors don’t get a lot of attention, but this year, due to persistent efforts to question 2020 Dumpster Fire Retro Sunset limited Shirt and overturn Mr. Trump’s results – state-by-state electoral votes became the point. Hot attracts attention.

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The state leaned in favor of California Democrats, with 55 electors, being one of the last to vote on Monday and put Mr. Biden above the 270 votes needed to win the presidency.

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Security was enhanced in a number of states, including Michigan and Georgia, before the vote took place in the state capitals and Washington DC.

In Michigan – the key oscillating state Mr. Biden won – legislative offices in the state capital Lansing were shut down due to ‘well-established’ violent threats.

Voting in the capital building took place in a peaceful manner, although a group of Republicans 2020 Stay Home Play Games Save Lives hot Shirt tried to enter the building to hold their own voting and was denied entry.

In his speech, Mr. Biden described the harassment of officials after the election as “unscrupulous” and said: “I sincerely hope that we will never see anyone threatened. and oppression as we have seen in this election. ”

He also noted that he had the same number of electoral college votes that Trump

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said was a “landslide” when he won in 2016. Mr. Biden stressed that he also won the popular vote, which Mr. Trump did not do it four years ago.

Immediately after Biden’s speech, Republican Senator Lamar Alexander said: “The presidential election is over. The states have certified the votes. The court has settled the dispute. I hope that President Trump will put the country first. Be proud of your remarkable achievements, and help President-elect Biden get off to a good start. ”

Who are the Electors?
Each political party has a candidate on the presidential ballot to nominate or vote for its electoral group in the months preceding election day.

Once we know who wins the state popular vote, we will know which party will designate electors for that state.

The US Constitution only states that electors cannot be members of Congress or 2020 Stink Stank Stunk- Gnome Buffalo Plaid Matching Xmas new Shirt )who are currently in federal office. This year, the most famous electors are former President Bill Clinton and 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, selected for the Democrats in New York.

Electors virtually always vote for the candidates they have pledged to vote for, although in 2016 some did not vote and this prompted the states to

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change their laws to try to stop them. the incident recurred. Analysts say there is no chance to overthrow Mr. Biden’s victory.

The number of electors per state is roughly consistent with the size of the population.

Does Trump have a chance?
The biennial meeting of the US Electoral College is usually a formality that goes along with the pre-presidential inauguration ceremony –