Autism ‘is not due to lack of attention from parents’

Autism in children has been an issue XOXO Shirt, XOXO Valentine’s Day Shirt, Valentine Shirt, Valentines of concern in Vietnam in recent years.

On the occasion of World Autism Womens Outside Is Frightful Wine Is Delightful Funny Christmas 2020 Ver2 Awareness Day April 2, BBC asked about two people working with autistic children in Vietnam to learn more about this issue.

Definition of autism
Website Child Care Department, Womens Baba Gift Only The Best Moms Get Promoted To Flower Premium Ministry of Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs defines autism as a “syndrome of multiple disabilities, manifests itself as a developmental disorder in consciousness, language and social relations “.

The Vietnam Autism Network (VAN) Womens Abby Gift Only The Best Moms Get Promoted To Flower Raglan Baseball Tee cites the United Nations source, where autism is “a lifelong developmental disability discovered within the first three years of life”.

The same source continued: “Autism is caused by a disorder of the nervous system that affects Autism Is My Super Power Captian Shield Shirt brain function and can occur in any individual of gender, race, wealth or taste.”

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Video capture,
Global Health Challenges in 2018

“Autism is manifested by defects in social interaction; linguistic / non-verbal communication and behavioral and behavioral difficulties, personal preferences narrow, repeated many times. ”

Is autism a disease?
The Vietnam Autism Network has recommended the press to use the phrase “autism” instead of “autism”, All I Care About Are My Australian Cattle Like 3 People Shirt because “autism is a lifelong developmental disability caused by medical problems of the nervous system. Affects brain activity”.

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WLifeMan, Dr. Phan Quoc Viet, Director of Tam Viet Center for Human Skills Development, holds a PhD in math-physics but has been educating children with autism for the past four years in Hanoi.

Speaking to the BBC, Mr. Viet also said that autism should not be called a disease.

“It is already a disease that requires medication. Many low-skilled people think this is epilepsy, so they give their children drugs to suppress movement (to treat symptoms), so they often have very serious side effects: appetite, edema. Country… ”

Image source, ADALBERTO ROQUE / AFP / Getty Images

Teacher and guitar therapist for an autistic child at the Dora Alonso Special School in Havana, Cuba.

Can autism be cured?
Speaking to the BBC, Dr. Vu Song Ha, deputy director of the Center for Initiatives for Health and Population (CCIHP), Hanoi, stressed that so far, there is no ‘cure’ of autism.

“But early and right intervention (scientifically proven methods) can help children improve, go to school, integrate and grow up to work, and contribute to society.”

Ms. Song Ha added: “Some of the good interventions, the remaining autism manifestations are no longer sufficient in the diagnostic criteria, but science is still not listed as ‘cure’ of autism.”

With Dr. Phan Quoc Viet, he said that it should also redefine what is a “cure”.

“Everyone has a certain defect. All I Want For Christmas Is Bacon XMAS Shirt We often use criteria such as reading, math, etc. as evaluation criteria. It is different from having all animals compete in tree climbing or diving. Born an angel in her own right.

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“Let’s define ‘ normal ‘or’ cure ‘as doing something meaningful to society that many other’ normal ‘people cannot do, “said Viet.

According to Mr. Viet, “approach an autistic child like the potential subject that is truly talented”.

Image source, FREDERIC J. BROWN / AFP / Getty Images

Corey Weiss, an American who was diagnosed with autism as a child, now works as an analyst for MindSpark technology firm in California, USA.

Autism ‘
Dr. Vu Song Ha refutes this thought. Her Center for Population and Health Initiative (CCIHP) website states that autism is “a biological disorder that can happen to any individual, not related to postpartum care”.

CCIHP also refutes the idea that the autistic child has no emotions, feelings, and inability to make friends.

According to the Center, “when growing up, children still have connections with relatives, family, and can make friends”.

Dr. Vu Song Ha added that there is no evidence that watching TV causes autism, although scientists recommend that parents need to control TV viewing time for young children so they can interact and develop well. .

Image source, LIU JIN / AFP / Getty Images Image

A 13-year-old boy, who passed  All Men Are Created EQual But Only The Finest Served On Uss Theodore Roosevelt American Flag Shirt seven years of therapy at the Special Education and Training Center in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China, entered the classroom.

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Methods to help autistic children?
Dr. Phan Quoc Viet shared that there are 33 children with autism at his center.

“We let kids exercise to release energy, balance their own lives. We let kids practice balance on rollers. Toss balls to focus. Use bottles on head to walk. Cycling. One cake.”

“These exercises are very difficult, especially for children with autism, hyperactivity, decreased concentration, more difficult than coordinating the bottle, standing on a roller, tossing the ball, or putting the ball on a unicycle. This requires dedication, perseverance and perseverance. ”

“The most difficult thing for children with autism spectrum is to socialize. W