American Elections 2020: Biden won Georgia, consolidating victory with 306 electoral votes

US President-elect Joe A Day Without Video Games is Like Gaming vintage Shirt Biden won Georgia, the BBC predicts, the first Democratic candidate to do so since 1992.

This victory cemented Mr. Biden’s victory, giving him a total. plus 306 votes in the electoral college.

President Donald Trump is expected to win in North Carolina, reaching 232 electoral votes.

US election official denied Be Nice To Your Pharmacist Christmas Pharmacist Shirt Trump’s allegations of fraud

Beside President Trump on the day he lost the

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Mr. Trump, who refused BMW E92 M3 Coupe Christmas Crewneck Sweatshirt to give in, hinted at the possibility of a new administration for the first time in January.

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Who is Kamala Harris, the US Customized Retro 80s Shirt, Personalized 1980s Style Retro Sweatshirt Vice President elected?

Looking quiet, the president made no mention of the race and did not mention Mr. Biden’s name Biden Harris 2020 Victory President Election Celebration 2020 Shirt  in his first official appearance since the election during a brief meeting about his corona anti-virus task force.

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“This administration is not going to go to a blockade,” Trump said at the White House Rose Garden, as America is facing a growing virus outbreak. “Hopefully … whatever happens in the future – who knows which administration is next. Time will tell.”

The President did not accept questions from reporters. Pressure is growing on Mr Trump, a Republican, Boris Johnson Lockdown Speech Jumper Sweater Quarantine Christmas 2020 Self Isolation Stay Home Funny Xmas 2020 Shirt to acknowledge Mr. Biden’s victory and help prepare for the transition from one administration to another.

Georgia and North Carolina were the last to score in the White House race. Mr. Biden’s electoral votes were equal to the number of votes Trump achieved in the victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016. At the time, Mr. Trump called it “a landslide”.

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A manual tally of votes will be done in Georgia because the gap between the two candidates is Educate yourself arm yourself defend yourself hot Shirt too narrow, but the Biden team says it doesn’t think this will change the results there.

Image source, Getty Images

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Joe Biden, campaigning in Georgia in October, is the first Democratic presidential candidate to win in the state since 1992

President Trump presented a series of legal challenges in key states and unfounded allegations of Funny Bbq Tees A Pig A Chicken And A Cow limited Shirt electoral fraud. Mr. Trump’s team dropped a lawsuit in Arizona on Friday after it became clear that Mr. Biden’s victory in the state was undeniable.

The Biden team urged him to have access to

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Mr. Biden’s Victory intelligence that has yet to be officially announced and his team has not yet had access to the federal agencies and funding needed to ensure the power transfer process went smoothly.

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Biden spokesman Jen Psaki said the Trump administration’s denial of access to intelligence meetings could affect Mr. Biden’s ability to run.

“You need real-time information to deal with the current crises,” she said, highlighting the impact of the corona virus pandemic. “Our team and our experts must have that access.”

Earlier, a group of more than 150 former national security officials warned that delaying the transition poses “a serious risk to national security”.

In a letter, they urged the Integrated Services Administration – the government agency tasked with initiating the transition – to formally recognize Mr. Biden and his companion Kamala Harris so that they have access ” urgent national security issues “.

Meanwhile, a small but growing number of Republicans are also supporting President-elect Biden’s call to join the daily intelligence briefings.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, a key ally of Trump, was among those who said that Mr. Biden should start receiving a confidential presidential report, as is usual with the inaugural president.

Change election map
Joe Biden doesn’t have to win against Georgia or Arizona to secure the White House. Recapturing the “green wall” in the industrial northern states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania ensured his victory.

However, the former vice presidents’ success in these Sun Belt states – the first time a Democrat has won there in decades – suggests that Democrats may be paving the way for victories in future presidential elections.

If so, it would make Democrats less reliant on white voters with no college degrees in the battlefield states of the north – at the call of Donald Trump, which may be inclined to lean toward the Communist Party. tie. It is the educated suburban voters, as well as the ethnic minorities that have traditionally followed the Dan Party