A Christmas Carol: When kindness is forgotten

Adapted from the work of the same name by the great writer Charles Dicken, the movie A Quarantine Christmas Crew 2020 Xmas Santa Hat T-Shirt  Christmas Carol (2009) leaves many impressions in the hearts of viewers because the story has a profound meaning, with the message: forgotten …
A Christmas Carol: When kindness is forgotten
Adapted from the work of the same name by British writer Charles Dicken, the movie Rbg Ruth Bader Ginsburg Feminist Shir  A Christmas Carol (2009) leaves many impressions in the hearts of viewers. because the story has a profound meaning, with the message: rediscover the forgotten kindness.

The magic comes from Christmas

The film brings viewers to the beautiful 19th-century Christmas scene in England: a clear blue night sky with a sparkling full moon, snow-capped pine forest and Santa Claus face mask Merry Christ-mask Christmas shirt a brilliantly decorated street, people People joyfully welcome Christmas – the happiest and merry day of the year. But there is a man who hates Christmas, that is businessman Ebenezer Scrooge, who lives alone, away from everyone. Scrooge has a lot of money. That made him satisfied with himself: no need for friendship, no need for love, nor need for prayer at Christmas.

According to Scrooge, Christmas Santa Merry Christ-Mask Xmas 2020 family T-Shirt  did not bring him anything; it made the old man a year older but not richer when he didn’t bring him glittering gold coins. Scrooge was rich but very stingy, cruelly selfish. He saved every penny, lived in a cold, Christmas Carol Scrooge and Marley Counting House Gift T-Shirt  damp, cheap rental room; pay the secretary as little as possible; saving every single piece of coal to burn the furnace despite the cold weather …

While everyone was eagerly celebrating Christmas, Scrooge calmly counted the money stored in the safe, refusing to donate even a few pennies to the charity fund for the poor. and homeless, scolding his loyal secretary and nephew Dear Santa I’m not naughty I only watch PornHub Ugly Christmas Sweater Funny inspired Crewneck sweatshirt Santa hat xmas party as they warmly congratulated Christmas, and even threatened to chase debt-poor tenants out into the street in the cold.

A Christmas Carol by great writer Charles Dickens was born in 1843, quickly becoming a classic about Christmas. Over the past hundred years, A Christmas Carol has been staged into plays (say, musicals) performed by many big Deck The Halls With Skulls And Bodies Funny Viking Christmas Long Sleeve T-Shirt theaters in England, America, Russia … every Christmas season. The plot is always kept the same, only increasing or decreasing colors that are playful or funny to suit the main audience: the whole family or just children. A Christmas Carol has also been brought to the screen many times with live-action film or animation, in which, the live-action film A Christmas Carol (1951) was ranked in the Top 10 best Christmas films of the time.
But on that same Christmas night, something thrilling happened to Scrooge. He suddenly met the ghost of Marley – a friend who lives in the same house and shares a passion to get rich – has been dead for 7 years. Carrying chains, the ghost Marley warned Scrooge that if he lived so selfishly and stingy, when he died he would become a wandering ghost, suffering, cruelty and destitute, even chained and burned in the furnace of hell.

The Ghost Marley advised Scrooge to share his wealth, making it a happiness for the poor and for himself. Marley also foretold that Scrooge was also seen Don We Now Our Plague Apparel Funny Plague Ugly Christmas Sweater Style Unisex  with three other ghosts, they came with the desire to bring good to his frozen heart. First Christmas Past reminded Scrooge of how he used to live alone in boarding school on Christmas holidays; Meet the sister who went to school to pick him up, and the fiancée was abandoned by him. All these memories touched Scrooge, but his heart was still cold.

Then Christmas Present appeared with many delicious dishes often available on holiday. This ghost carried Scrooge through the neighborhoods, the happy homes of his grandson’s family, the secretary and other poor families happily celebrating Christmas together. With a torch shining in hand, the ghost brings joy to many people. From here, Scrooge changed, his frozen heart starting to feel the need to warm.

In the meantime, Future Christmas appears, showing Scrooge what will happen when he dies if he doesn’t try to be a good man. By this point Scrooge had truly changed and the long forgotten kindness within him awakened. He was no longer stingy and returned to spend a warm Christmas with his grandson’s family, raising his secretary’s salary and helping with the healing of his children. A happy ending when Scrooge, smiling, realizes the true miracle of Christmas, and finds new meaning in his life.

The most anticipated Christmas movie

A Christmas Carol (2009) is the last 3D animated work of 2009 to be eagerly awaited by world audiences. A Christmas Carol is written and performed by Oscar-winning director Robert Zemeckis. The film has the voice acting of famous actors such as comedian Jim Carrey as Scrooge and three ghosts; Gary Oldman, Col