80 years old successfully started a business with clean cows

Who would have expected, at the longevity (80 years old), old Tu Ha (Vo Thi Ha, in My Binh commune, Tan Tru district, Long An) was enthusiastic … to start a To My Son Never Forget That I Love U I Hope You Believe In Yourself As Much As I Believe In You Sunset Version  business, but again as a husbandry cow. And yet, “shocked” than when he spent billions of money to invest in the farm.

“Clean” cow raising technology

We arrived at home from the morning, past 1pm, only to see that old lady Tu Ha walked Super Mario Princess Peach Christmas Wreath Long Sleeve T-Shirt  slowly from the top of the gate to the house. Just a glimpse of me walking backwards in the hammock, her eyes widened: “Who is it?”. Hearing me say, “waited” to meet him early in the morning, Mrs. Tu laughed: “In the morning I went to a meeting in the Spoon & Crockpot Club Killing Tomorrows Trophy Today Hunting Shirt  commune, but when I came back, I always turned to the land to see how the kids cleaned up to grow grass to raise cows. “. After saying that, old lady Tu took me to see the beef cattle farm.

Mr. Tu Ha says: Farmers need a lot of successful and realistic scoring models to follow. Outdoorsy Nature Lover. Long Sleeve T-Shirt  Therefore, it is advisable to calculate carefully lest state money and farmers lose trust ”.

From a place where was an abandoned rice field, now a beef farm looks quite orderly with rows of clean, airy stables, an automatic drying yard, biogas cellar, wastewater treatment pond, motor vehicle … know, this is a piece of land of 5ha that old man owns. In addition to the barn, he spends I Just Want To Work On My Farm And Hang Out With My Cows new Shirt a few hectares growing grass to feed cows. Cows are raised according to clean processes, ensuring barn hygiene standards. All feces and waste water of the cow herd were led through underground pipes under the barn to 2 biogas bunkers which were quite far away. Waste water is treated before being discharged into the environment.

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Because of the method of biological cushioning, even when entering the farm, I still do not smell the cow’s dung. Mr. Ut Nam (Vo Quoc Nam) – a farm If Your Religion Teaches You To Hate People Based On Who They Love Lgbt 2020 Shirt manager said that the cushion for cows is made from coconut fiber mixed with microbes. After about 1 week of use, the cushion will be released into compost to replace the new one.

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Cow’s feed is clean food, including a mixture of grass, bran, straw … “The farm makes feed for the cow from clean ingredients. The farm wants to contribute to the production of beef cows meeting safety standards, meeting I’m Not Misbehaving Autism Please Be Understanding 2020 Shirt market demand and solving environmental pollution ”- said Mr. Tu. Particularly for breeding cows, Mrs. Tu obtained from a beef breeding center in Ho Chi Minh City. Mainly beef super beef BBB, Brahman … Currently, this farm has nearly 150 large and small beef cows, of which 50 are preparing to give birth. The cow herd is developing very well.

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In the past, she only raised a few grass cows to sell meat. Seeing that such raising is only extremely personal and profitable, Hai Van (Huynh Van Van, the only Kansas city Chiefs Diamond heart 2020 Shirt son of Mrs. Tu) discussed with his mother to switch to raising industrial beef cattle. “It told me to keep doing, it supported. So I do “- Tu said.

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To support and motivate his mother, Hai Van took a car to drive Tu to visit to learn the model and experience of raising beef cattle. Hear where there are good models and effects, he brings Tu. Having learned something good, Mrs. Tu brought home and instructed some workers to take care of the cows.

Hearing me ask, at the age of “ancient hyacinth” like old man, why could he not recover his health, rely on his children and grandchildren to work hard, Mrs. Tu smiled cheerfully: “Must do, I am a full farmer, I don’t make it sad to lie in a hammock ”.

Mrs. Tu boasts that she is preparing to export the first batch of beef cattle with more than 40 cows. He hopes the market will accept his “clean” beef after months of care and expectation.

The model point in the

South Long An region has no mountains, no forests, but there was a famous base during the two resistance wars against France and the US. That is “the leaves and the dark sky” (now in Nhut Ninh commune, Tan Tru). Despite all the enemy’s means of destruction, including the reclaimed chemical, the “dark leaves” persisted.

According to Tu, My Binh land was also rubbed away by the US, day and night. Many of the protesters lay down. “There are many martyrs and grandchildren here. Once, without much education, now “going to be small”, he asked to go to work but lacked qualifications, so no one accepted, or accepted and then was fired. I don’t have a job at home, so I stick to the field, or whoever hires it, poor! ” Mr. Tu confided.

Over ten years working as the Secretary and Chairman of the commune; For more than 30 years working in the front, Mrs. Tuu hurts many jobs for the children of martyrs. Old people only knew that she opened a cow farm to do business, but in fact also intentionally created jobs for the martyrs’ children. Now, the farm is hiring 6 martyrs’ children to work.

Mrs. Tu sat down on his fingers to calculate the salary for each worker in the camp: “The little boy cut the grass, washed the trough, he paid 6 million VND / month, the guy mixed food for the cow 7.5 million VND / month, the manager 7 , 5 million / month… ”.

Mr. Ut Nam shared that from the day he came here, he not only earned a salary but also spent his days playing around. “I used to raise dairy cows but then lost my job because the dairy cow depreciated, the owner closed the farm. Thanks to Ms. Tu, I have a job “- he said.

The day she shared the opening of a beef farm of old lady Tu, Chairman of the Farmers Association of My Binh commune – Mrs. Phan Thi Lan Chau said that when she first heard that she intended to open a cow farm, she was quite worried by age. tool Tu was high. But she saw the determination to open a cow farm to both do business and create jobs for local youth