10 extremely cute Japanese dog breeds that will make you “stand still fidgety”

Dogs and cats are two common pets in Japanese families. Given his loyalty, the dog is often considered a member of the family by the Japanese family. BesidesRamen Is My Valentine Funny Ramen & Anime Gifts For Girl Boy T-Shirt  the two extremely famous dog breeds, the Shiba and Akita, there are many other special breeds that you have not known in Japan? Among them, there will certainly be species that you can hardly see anywhere other than cherry country. Let’s learn about them through the article below!

1. About Japanese dogs
“Nihon Ken” is a word that refers to Japanese dogs, including 6 main breeds: Shiba, Kishu, Shigoku, Kai, Hokkaido and Akita. They have been recognized by the Japanese government as a National Natural Property. Depending on the characteristics of the origin, the historical context that these dogsMy Class Is Full Of Sweet Hearts Funny Teacher Valentine T-Shirt  carry different characteristics. In addition to the above 6 species, there are also a number of other types of Japanese origin such as Tosa (Japanese clam dog), Japanese Chin, Japanese Spitz and Japanese Terrier. In this article we will introduce the unique breeds of dogs unique to Japan.

2. Japanese dog breeds
・ Shiba Inu
shiba dogs
Shiba Inu is a breed of dog originating from Japan, originally from the Jomon period (about 12,000 to 4,500 years ago), their ancestors were raised as hunting dogs. This My Cat Is My Valentine Shirt Cat Lover Shirt Sweatshirt particular breed of dog has a deep connection with humans. Of all the Nihon Ken breeds, the Shiba Inu is the only breed of small size, with a weight of only about 9 kg. The dog features a short coat, erect ears and a curled tail. Although the Shiba Inu is vigilant and has a high self-reliance, they are also very loyal and loving to their owners. It can be said that this is a very popular puppy that is highly appreciated not only in Japan but also overseas. In recent years, another breed that is smaller than the Shiba Inu, about 4 – 6 kg, named Mame Shiba is also very popular.

・ Kishu Inu
for kishu
KatoTheWalrus / Flickr
This Kishu Inu dog is native to the mountainous region of western Japan, within Wakayama, Mie and Nara prefectures. They are bred for the purpose of being hunting dogs. With a weight of between 13 and 27 kg and a smooth Mens True Love Beer – Drinking Alcohol Party T-Shirt white coat, this breed also has another characteristic that is a rather pointed nose. As a strong dog, the Kishu Inu is also quite calm and easy to train.

・ Shikoku Ken
Molica_an / shutterstock.com
True to its name, this dog originated in the mid-region of Shikoku in western Japan, and was a very preeminent hunting dog. With a weight of about 15kg and a All Dogs were created equal then God made Saluki shirt coat color that resembles a wolf, the Shikoku Ken looks not much different from wild wolves, to the point that it is mistakenly thought that they are Japanese wolves. Due to their strong hunting instinct and fighting spirit, if the owner does not pay close attention, they will most likely cause injury to those around them.

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・ Kai Ken
kai dog
Although native to Japan, this breed is believed to be a branch of the Northern Spitz. The Kai Ken is used as a hunting dog in the Southern Alps in the Kai region, AKA Gear My Vp says skee wee Shirt  Yamanashi Prefecture. Weighing 12-18 kg, the characteristic of Kai Ken is a steel face, solid body, when mature, their feathers develop and carry the color of a tiger. However, with a strong predatory nature, it is not easy to train and raise this dog as a pet.

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・ Hokkaido
Happy monkey / shutterstock.com
Since ancient times, this dog has lived with the Ainu people – the first people to live in Hokkaido, so they also have another name is the Ainu dog. Hokkaido dogs have many coat colors such as red, black, white … In particular, they are very 2020 Washington Football Nfc East Division Champions Washington Shirt  resistant to cold thanks to their thick coat, which is divided into 2 layers. This is a large skeleton dog, weighing up to about 20 kg. The brave and loy

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al Hokkaido dogs are sure to become intelligent, intelligent companions if you give them a sense of trust.

・ Akita Inu
You must still remember the symbolic image of loyalty – the famous portrait of Hachiko in Shibuya, Tokyo. That dog is the Akita breed. This is the only Japanese dog to have a large shape, and previously raised as hunting dogs in the You Don’t Need A Time Machine If You Have A Camera Vintage Shirt mountains of Akita. Akita dogs that can weigh from 35 to 50 kg have a relatively large body. Their charm lies in their soft fur and their lovely expression. Besides, it is also because of her loyalty that Akita Inu is loved not only by Japanese but also by foreigners.

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・ Tosa Ken
tosa dog
Previously in Tosa province (now Kochi prefecture), this fighting dog was bred for competition purposes. Unlike other Japanese dogs, the Tosa Ken has sturdy muscles, weighing up to 90 kg, flowing skin and chubby ears. Because they are fighting dogs, their fighting instincts are very high, especially for strangers, they are even more wary. However, they are also very gentle and affectionate, as well as loyal to their owners.

・ Japanese Chin Dog Japanese Chin